Friday, February 1, 2013

Shark Bait by Jenn Cooksey

Seriously... Seriously. Seriously. Hold up. Did all of that amazingness just come from this book? Did it? Did it really?
 The things Camie says. bahhaha
  Well, naturally, I'm screaming in my head. Holy Exalted Naked Chest Batman!!!

 I mean, COME ONE> That's hilarious.

  I've got to pick my jaw up off the floor. I think while I'm down here, I'll pray and thank God for His glorious creation, because seriously, He does some damned fine work.

 I wish I would have marked every time I laughed- but that would have been nearly the entire book. So, I could not. But Camie was hilarious. Her thoughts, the things she says and does- Top notch, I tell ya. I am in love with how she speaks and intertwines any and every music or movie reference she can think of! Phenomenal.

And the fact that Tristan does the same thing. Totally hot. I dont know why, it. just. it. Now Tristan. Holy shiznit, he is a beautiful man. He's funny, got a little of that bad boy thing going on, he's difficult- but he is saucy and hilarious... And when he wants to- he says the sweetest things.

  Oh hell yes. Everything fades away until nothing matters anymore, not even breathing. Everything around us, the entire world and every little thing in it vanishes and nothing matters except you and me.

 That's right ladies, he said that. Are you swooning? I am.

 And let me just say two things that had me completing rolling from laughing so hard: 1. White Board 2. Gum Oh and can I also say the ringtone choices every one made was outstanding. I mean really and truly outstanding. Ohhhh and also how Camie refers to Tristan as her husband or fiance or fur baby daddy. bahahaha. Dying here. Can't stop. Won't stop. Laughing.

  Alas; Do not judge this book by it's cover. Unless you love the cover- by all means judge the book ;) But I think this book could use a better cover- Just my humble opinion :D


  1. OMG, Bayli. You're reviews are just hilarious everytime and awesomesauce!!

  2. OMG Bayli you are HILARIOUS!! I just read your review and I couldn't stop laughing lol. You're a whole bunch of awesome! LOL