Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dear Cassie by Lisa Burstein

Love this Cover!

2.5 Stars

I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review! Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. I really appreciate it.

I wanted to love this book. When I read the synopsis- I was immediately intrigued by the story. It sounded different, new, interesting. I was ready to read something different than what I've been reading recently.

The story wasn't horrible. It really wasn't. But I just can't give it more stars and this is why;

Character development. It wasn't there. I didn't connect with any of the characters at all. I had a hard time relating to any of them. Cassie's personality was strange. Even when I found out why she acted the way she did- I still didn't think her attitude was a good reflect of how a person in her circumstances would react.
I don't understand why she was so mean and hateful even before she went through the things she went through. I can draw my own ideas and beliefs at to why, but I would rather be shown. I got that her dad wasn't around and her mom was a sad excuse for a mother- but if that were the case- I need more than just "her mom drank  lot" and  "her dad was in the military" which seemed to be the only reason as to why Cassie acted like a snotty b****.
I don't know why she made the decisions she made. Why she chose the friends that she did. I didn't get why she would go from being extremely hateful and mean to someone to kissing them or whatever. She was never actually nice to Ben. Ever. Unless you assume that kissing and holding hands can make up for angry words. It just seemed completely unrealistic that Ben would want a girl like that and that she could actually care for someone when the only things she says to him are un kind.

I wanted more there. I wanted to see her become softer in his presence. I wanted to actually see her walls start to crumble down. I think the author tried to show it... For me, it just didnt work. I needed for Cassie to say kind things to him, to open up to him, and to show him...

And another thing... This may seem silly... But the characters looks weren't described very well. I mean I read this entire book and have no idea what Cassie looks like. lol. For some reason that kept me from really get into this book too.

This book consists of some very hard subjects to write about. A subject that is really very upsetting. And I could understand why Cassie would be so mentally exhausted and unforgiving of herself. I get that she needed to go on a journey to learn to forgive herself. I just think the journey could have been done differently.

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