Friday, March 22, 2013

Plastic Hearts by Lisa De Jong

5 Not so Plastic Hearts

After I read this book i had to sit and think about what I wanted to say in my review.

Almost immediately I thought of one of my favorite quotes.

Perfect. That quote is what this story is all about.

Alex Riley has had the perfect life. Parents that give her every materialistic object anyone could ever want. They bought and gave her a car, they gave her multiple credit cards, paid for her schooling, send her a rather large allowance every month. She grew up in a huge home with multiple nannies. She knew exactly what her future would be; Becoming a doctor, marrying a friend of the family who is ALSO becoming a doctor and raising little doctor children. 

But Alex wanted more than that. She didnt want the money. She wanted her parents unconditional love, she wanted freedom to be who she was and who she wanted to be. She wanted to be an artist. But Alex was afraid to go against her parents because she knew that if she ever did- they would disown her. So, she only did what they wanted. Leaving her depressed.

Until she met Dane.

Dane was the opposite of the type of guys Alex should be interested in. If her parents ever met Dane they would automatically hate him and tell Alex that she could not be with him... 

But Alex couldnt walk away. For once she was going to give into something her heart wanted more than anything.

What started with Dane was supposed to just be an "experience." It was suppose to just be a thing that Alex could always remember and say she felt something "real." But what happened changed her. She fell in love.

Dane is everything that balances out Alex. He's artistic. He's tattooed. He's confident and does whatever he wants to do. His childhood was very different than Alex's. His mother had to work two jobs just to keep them on their feet. His father left them. His little brother was a wreck. 

Both Dane and Alex never got the kind of love children deserve... But they find love with each other. A strong, passionate, neverending kind of love. 

But... What happens when Alex is faced with choosing between her parents and everything they have control over and true love. What if staying with the one she loves can only harm him more? What if she truly thought the only way to make other person happy was to let them go?

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